Our delicate joints of Writs and Shoulders go through a lot each day. By spending long hours on the desk, writing, typing or being on our phones we don't end up giving much care to them. As a result we are left with a lot of tightness and tension in the wrists, shoulders, neck and back. These simple moves will help us release that tension and keep it strong & healthy.

Wrists Stretches

Wrist Circulation
Extension & Flexion

Wrist movements by being on your all fours
1. Circling on the wrist joint
2. Inverted palms stretch
3. Sideways palm stretch
4. Palm Underside stretch
Interlock fingers stretch 2 ways

Shoulder Stetches

Shoulder Circles
Forearm Side Stretch
Gomukhasana hands
Palm into skull press
Uttana Shishosana /Puppy Pose
Twisted variation of Puppy Pose
Child's Pose

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