Mumbai (Maharashtra), Jun 09 (ANI): With Yug, Nyasa, Ajay Devgn on one hand and managing photo shoots and films on the other hand, Bollywood actress Kajol really has a lot on her plate. Much like us, there are often moments, when the actress too wishes that she had a clone of herself that would help her out with all the multi tasking. “I would love to have eight hands and a brain to match that. I think I partly have a brain to match that, but not completely. I want something to organise my times, kids time, work, gym, work out, social secretary, everything else that I am supposed to do as well. Actually just forget the eight hands bit, I would love to clone myself,” said Kajol. Kajol will be voicing for Elastigirl in ‘Incredibles 2’. The film will release of June 22.
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