As an Indian man with a waist circumference over 35 inches and as an Indian woman with a waist circumference of over 31 inches, your chances of being pre-diabetic are high! And that makes you one in five Indians. This is why India will, sadly, continue to be the World___s Diabetic Capital for a while yet. And Bangalore, India___s Diabetic Capital.Diabetes is an emotional and financial burden to individuals and families. With an , the World Health Organization (WHO) predicted net losses in national income from diabetes and cardiovascular disease at $336.6 billion.Obviously, what we Indians eat plays a big role in decreasing our chances of Diabetes. I meet Nutrition Coach, Ryan Fernando, and get him to share some simple tips for us busy bees to follow. Ryan consults everyone from home-makers, to working professionals to Guinness Record breakers. Check out Ryan___s blog at heed now, because Diabetes is one of the Top 10 killers among incommunicable diseases. Every 10 seconds, one person in the World dies due to Diabetes related causes. Take heed, because Diabetes is one of the Top 5 reasons for Disability. And, every 10 seconds, 2 new cases of Diabetes are diagnosed.Live well now. Live well longer.
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