Valentine Custard

Vermicelli – 1/2 cup
Water – 1 cup
Milk – 1 cup
Custard powder – 4 tsp
Sugar – 2 tbsp
Strawberry jam

1.Take a frying pan, add 3 drops of ghee. Roast 1/2 cup of Vermicelli till it turns golden brown.
2.Take a wide pot, add 1 cup of water for 1/2 cup of Vermicelli. Cook the roasted vermicelli with the water.
3.Once it is cooked, add 1 cup of milk to this and let it cook.
4.Now, pour 1 tbsp of milk in a cup and dissolve 4 tsp of dry custard powder in milk.
5.Turn off the stove now and pour the dissolved custard into the mixture. Whisk it well immediately else it will become clumpy.
6.Add 2 tbsp of sugar and whisk it well. Your custard mixture is now ready.
7.Take 2 glass, add 1 tsp of strawberry jam to the bottom of each glass and smear it onto the sides of the glass.
8.Now, pour the custard into the glass with the jam. Garnish with pomegranate on top.
9.Refrigerate for a minimum of 2 hours till it sets.
Valentine Custard is now ready. Serve it cool with your loved ones for this valentines day.


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