New Delhi, Jan 14 (ANI): Ranveer Singh’s recent song from ‘Gully Boy’, ‘Apna Time Aayega’ is trending on Twitter with people going berserk over it. Ranveer, who lent his voice for the catchy track, showcased his terrific rapping skills in 'Apna Time Aayega', which can be perfectly described as the new anthem for all those who dream of making it big in their lives. The two minutes and 10-second song gives a glimpse into the world of ‘Gully Boy’ and traces the journey of a boy from slums to Hip Hop. The lyrics talk about the realities of life and how one day time will change for an underdog. Within half-an-hour of its release, the song got over 1 lakh views, confirming that Ranveer can nail any character that he takes up to portray on the big screen. Twitterverse is blown away by the song and flooded it with positive reactions. Composed by Dub Sharma and DIVINE, the track's lyrics are penned by DIVINE and Ankur Tewari.
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