Zero calories foods help the body to utilize more calories and they are themselves composed of fewer calories. These foods could get consumed in large quantities without affecting the gut.

Here are top 10 zero calorie foods you should add to your diet regularly.

96% water, also high in magnesium, potassium, silicon

Boost metabolism and avoids fats and ponds from piling on.

92% water, filled with vitamins and minerals

Anti inflammatory, very high in antioxidants

Low in fat and cholesterol and high in vitamin and mineral

Provides a great balance of vitamins and minerals

Help with iron absorption, immune strength, blood pressure, and diabetes.

Green Beans
High in fiber so they are a great food for fighting colon cancer

High in vitamin C, helps to oxidize the fat faster in body.

Green Tea
Free of calorie and is rich in antioxidant that decreases risk of heart disease

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