It came as a shock to Bollywood fans when news about the end of Katrina's and Ranbir's relationship. After the breakup, Katrina was seen in conversation with ex boyfriend Salman Khan on Saturday night at Ali Abbas Zafar's birthday party. But Katrina was quick to issue a statement and clear the air about their meet.

Katrina's spokesperson told the media that Ali Abbas Zafar is close friends with Katrina and she attend's his birthday every year. Ali Abbas also happens to be directing Sultan, which is why Salman was on the guestlist, with few other people. It was no secret meeting and Katrina's spokesperson requested people to sjhow some respect and not makeup false stories.

Another reason why Katrina issued this statement was because she and Salman were seen talking for more than an hour in private. Ali Abbas was part of the conversation initially, but left a little later. Though nobody knows what they actually spoke about, it looked like Katrina was really comfortable in talkin to Salman. The spokesperson ended the statement by saying that though kat and Bhai are exes, she knows that he will always be there for her; and she was just reaching out to him to help her through this rough patch.

That's the scoop! Stay tuned for more Bollywood news everyday!
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