Tapioca Chips

Chili powder

1.First, wash the Tapioca well, remove the skin on all sides and slice it.
2.Heat Oil(Buy at https://goo.gl/QKp3rC) in a tawa(Buy at https://goo.gl/V6pG8y), Gently place the Tapioca pieces into the Oil.
3.Keep the flame in medium, so that Tapioca pieces cook through.
4.Once, they stop sizzling, it is an indication that chips are fried and remove it from the pan.
5.Season the chips with Salt(Buy at https://goo.gl/fACrX3), Chili powder(Buy at https://goo.gl/zPY4sp) and toss it well.
Crunchy Tapioca Chips is done.

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