New Delhi, Aug 10 (ANI): Recent study has suggests that not everyone indulging in the use of substance like nicotine, alcohol, cannabis, and cocaine end up with substance use disorder. Research indicates that the risk factors for substance use and for substance use disorder (SUD) differ to some extent. The study evaluated the overlap in risk factors for substance initiation and SUD, which may be useful for developing interventions to reduce both initiation and SUD. It was discovered that some risk factors were associated with initiation of all the substances assessed, whereas others were substance-specific. Previous use of another substance, having what’s known as cluster B personality disorder, and family history of SUD predicted initiation across all substances assessed, whereas social anxiety disorder and certain other personality disorders were associated with specific substances. Early identification and treatment of psychiatric disorders can potentially prevent many devastating cases of substance use disorders, is advised by researchers and doctors. The findings also specified that psychiatric disorders may act as risk factors for both initiation and progression. It suggested that identifying and targeting such risk factors may help decrease burden of substance use disorders.
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