Chennai/Hyderabad/Bangalore/New Delhi, Jan 25 (ANI): Amid concerns over Muslim backlash, cinema hall owners in Hyderabad halted mid-way the screening of Tamil actor and filmmaker Kamal Haasan's controversial spy thriller “Vishwaroopam”, leaving spectators fuming. Protesting the decision to halt the film in Hyderabad today, agitated cinefans said that the film did not have controversial elements as being propagated across platforms. Cinefans in Bangalore lauded the film's perspective on militancy and saw no point for it being engulfed in controversy. Cinema hall owners in some parts of the city were forced to cancel the shows after mounting pressure from police, who urged them to delay the film's screening by a day. Meanwhile in Chennai where the film is banned until January 28 by court order, locals said that politicians and certain Muslim groups have fanned the controversy.
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