“Many of us lose our sleep to lose weight. And then, after all the time and energy spent on it, regain the extra kilos they shed. Often this happens with people with overly busy schedules, which leaves them with little time for workouts or long walks. Now, if only they would ponder these simple tips! The first of these is to avoid sitting for too long at a stretch. For instance, if you are watching television, don___t just put the remote in silent mode and sit through an ad break that bores you. Instead, do some pacing up and down from the front door to the veranda. The same applies if your job requires you to spend long hours in front of the computer. There is no alternative to regular exercise. So even if you have a hectic schedule there are some simple forms of yoga that take barely a few minutes. A bit of stretching and backward bending exercises can help you more than you imagine. The latter, called ___sarpasana___ in yoga, is also a great way to ward off backaches. Say no to fast food. All research on obesity puts the onus on these junk foods that are the surest way to losing the advantage you have gained. They not only give you a paunch, but also interfere with mental processes. Studies have shown that mental patients who were put on a diet of fibrous foods, such as wh
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