You don't have to wear a lot of makeup to sparkle this festive. Take the less-is-more approach and accent your best feature for the perfect festive flair. In this Episodes we will see how to get the Simple Festive Makeup look.
This simple festival makeup is easy to do and it will keep you looking fresh and cute throughout the day.

1. Wipe makeup with astringent or cold water to remove old makeup as well as to close the pores.
2. Apply primer in circular movements using a brush (avoid using fingers).
3. Apply concealer in dotted fashion (Choose a shade darker than your skin tone).
4. To apply foundation, choose mousse as it is easier to apply, take some on your index finger and dot it on your f ace and blend. Do not forget to apply it on your neck also.
5. Apply some powder.
6. Apply some eye shadow.
7. Line you eyes, and apply a few strokes of mascara.
8. Apply some blush with your fingers.
9. Highlight the corner of your eyes.
10. Finally apply some mild lipstick.

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