New Delhi, Nov 11 (ANI): For some starlets, there's end number of ways to grab headlines. Desperate for attention Sherlyn Chopra who is regularly trying to make it into the news, is all set to shoot the sex scenes for her upcoming flick Kamasutra in Hollywood. The makers of the 3D version of Kamasutra, are taking extra precautions by shooting the said explicit scenes
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  1. ‘Male-Sex-Workers’ Earning Big In Hyderabad!!!

    Now the lucrative business for young guys in Hyderabad is ‘Gigolism’. The gigolos are male sex workers those are in want for rich ladies of age groups 28 to 40. Many among them are divorced or single. Some are the ones who are not happy with their husband’s sexual potency or style of ‘doing that’.

    “My name is PS (name hidden). I did my graduation and love spending time in gym. I frequently go to a pub where I was introduced to a person by my regular bearer. The person is well educated and looking highly sophisticated. He talked to me for a while and I was told about sexy ladies craving for sex. Since I was in drowse of ale, I got attracted to that topic and shown interest. I was paid Rs 4000 and asked to follow the person. I felt happy for getting money and ‘sexual bliss’. I was really stunned when the person introduced me to a lady who was about 35, fair, tall and cunning. The person left the place and I enjoyed with her that day. She too gave me a tip of Rs 1000 in the dawn. I came to my room and told that to my room mate. He too started that now. But almost all the women are liking men with muscular bodies and they simply hate protruded bellies in men”, said a guy openly as if it’s a routine chat.

    There is a deal in this where a male prostitute introduces another guy into this business, the former will be paid Rs 20,000 on the spot. The brokers are taking about Rs 15,000 from female clients and paying Rs. 4000 to Rs. 5000 to these gigolos.

    There are big risks in this business. If the master of any gigolo comes to know that he is directly going in contact with the lady without his permission, there will be big threat for his life on a whole. It’s a pool, rather a loop, where the guys once entered into this business can come out only when they go impotent. Until then they will be getting calls everyday from sex-craving ladies via brokers.

    DK, a gigolo who sat behind PS said, “Every tryst will not be happy for us. Some will bring us only money, some will bring only happiness and a few will brings us both. Out of 10 cases we see, only 2 will be good lays and highly tempting with all feminine assets and oomph factor. But the rest of 8 are nasty ladies who ask us to do many nauseate things. We understand then why their husbands ostracize them. A lady asked me to do… (Censored for obscene reasons).. That’s really pitiful. But we do that only for the sake of money. Some ladies ask us to come in drunken state and rape them. That’s a sort of wild perverted fantasy. Some ladies rape us in reverse. They bite us, beat us and pierce nails on our chests and shoulders. They wish to see our blood to get orgasm. That’s another perversion. We never thought we have to see all this when we started this job. We only feel contended for finding a big earning of Rs 1.5 lakh per month”.

    PS adds, “Being guys, society will not brand us as ‘out cast’. We will be given special regard and many guys ask us to find ways for them to enjoy with women”.

    So, it’s the plight of some gen-next youth in Hyderabad. So, the syndrome is not simply restricted to girls it’s troubling guys as well. Moral policing and Police Task Force should be highly alert in curbing this.


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