New Delhi, Nov 14 (ANI): Thousands of trucks are stuck in a gruelling traffic jam that can even be deadly sometimes. Truck drivers expressed their helplessness with one of them saying: "I have nothing to do except to wait in line in my truck. I do things to try to distract myself, but it's very boring." China's growing appetite for coal has sparked an uptick in cross-border trade. But it isn't the only thing that is being transported along this road. A senior coordinator at police station at rest stop near border informed that drivers sometimes hide meat and contraband under the coal in trucks. He added that they get caught trying to pass the border. Smuggling has become less frequent ever since the police station was built. The narrow road can also be treacherous at night and in the absence of street lights, high levels of drink-driving are worryingly common in this area. Coal miners suggest that a new railway can be the solution to this problem. The Mongolian government had started laying foundations but after 150 miles of track went down, the money dried up and the project was abandoned. This left these drivers with little option but to suck up the painstaking wait.
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