Priyanka Chopra has really impressed everyone with Quantico and the support from Bollywood (and obviously, fans) has been unanimous! As soon as the first trailer came out, there was a lot of talk about the sex scenes on the show. In an interview to New York Times, PC opens up like never before. When asked about “how viewers in India would respond to watching a national superstar have sex in a car with one of her on-screen colleagues, as Chopra does in an opening scene for Quantico”, she said: It is an awkward situation when you have to do scenes like that, I won’t lie. But people in the world are very different and it was important to portray Alex as someone who doesn’t really care about love in her life because she has a single-minded focus on her job. So I think it was important for the story. And when it comes to Indian films, we are very progressive in the way we shoot Indian movies and what we show in Indian movies now. She added: The good thing for me is that I am working with ABC-Disney so there is only that much you can do, so we don’t go out of the comfort zone that I am used to in Indian films.
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