Gurugram (India), Feb 15 (ANI): Paramount Bed, a Japanese manufacturer of hospital beds, recently launched its factory in Gurugram, Haryana to cater to the Indian market. Almost all products are made with parts manufactured in India and neighboring countries."Paramount Bed", which ensures quality products, has introduced healthcare products which will provide relief and comfort to patients. The important policy of the company is to produce products of "Japanese Quality". To keep this high standard of "Japanese quality" many operations are being set up. In this assembly line, the work is performed by hand. Many banners at the work site show phrases like the ones used in Japan, encouraging workers to keep up the highest quality. The final products are checked by strict inspection lists set up by "PARAMOUNT BED". Is the bed properly assembled? Does it work right? Is there an extra gap? these questions are on the checklist for "Japanese Quality". Indian economy has achieved rapid growth."PARAMOUNT BED" is contributing to Indian development and people in the field of the medical treatment and the welfare.
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