In the last video we saw how to do Padmasana. In today's video we are going to see 2 variations of Padmasana which are gupta padmasana and supta padmasana.

Gupta Padmasana
Gupta Padmasana requires hip flexibility. This asana has a positive influence upon the entire spine. Especially good for a rounded back. This asana is also called the 'Hidden lotus' as the feet are hidden under the body.


Sit in Padmasana.
With the help of the hands come up onto the knees.
Slowly lower down onto the abdomen. Place the chin on the floor.
Bring the arms over your head.
Lie completely flat on the floor and try to relax the whole body.
Breathe quietly and gently and hold this position for some time.

Supta Padmasana
Supta Padmasana is a wonderful backbend and stretches every muscle in the thigh. It is also known as the sleeping supine lotus posture. This can be an uncomfortable pose if your hamstrings are tight. It increases flexibility, while strengthening and lengthening the thigh muscles.


Start sitting in Padmasana.
Lean backwards, place the hands on the ground, fingers pointing forward.
Bend the elbows and place it on the ground.
Exhale, with the support of the elbows lower the trunk.
Lie on the back fully, place the back of the head on the ground.
Extend your arms over your head keeping the elbows bent.
Hold the pose with normal breathing for about 20sec.
Bring the arms to normal position.
Inhale, with the support of elbows slowly bring the trunk back to Padmasana.

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