New Delhi, May 08 (ANI): Over one lakh thalassemia patients across the country die before they turn 20 due to lack of access to treatment. India is one of the worst thalassemia affected countries in the world with more than four crore carriers and over one lakh thalassaemia majors under blood transfusion every month. People suffering from thalassaemia, unknowingly, pass on this genetic disorder to their children. Every year more than 10,000 children with thalassaemia major are born in India. The inherited blood disorder destroys the red blood cells extensively, leading to anaemia. Children with mild thalassemia do not show any symptoms, and doctors may not diagnose it until a routine blood test reveals anaemia. Only on further investigation and testing for iron-deficiency, is when thalassemia is detected generally. The focus needs to be on early diagnosis, which gives the patient and family due time to contain the disease. Most thalassemia major patients require blood transfusions every 2-4 weeks, depending on their consumption of the infused cells. Regular transfusions provide patients with the red blood cells needed to survive. However, once these red blood cells are broken down, the body is left with an excess of iron.
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