Keerai Vadai

Chana Dal – 3/4 cup
Toor Dal – 1/4 cup
Spinach – 1 small bunch
Chopped Ginger – 1 no
Chopped Onion – 1 no
Chopped Green chili – 1 no
Asafoetida powder – 1/2 tsp
Fennel seeds – 1/2 tsp

1.Soak Chana Dal(Buy at & Toor Dal(Buy at for about 2 hours.
2.Grind the lentils with Salt & Asafetida powder, while grinding add a little water (if needed).
3.Finally add some fennel seeds & grind again. (Do not grind finely, let the batter be a little coarse).
4.To the batter, add Green chilli, Ginger, Onion, Spinach & mix it well.
5.Take a little batter. Tap it flat & deep fry it.(Buy frying pan at
6.Serve the Keerai vadai with Coconut chutney.
The snack is great to have with tea or coffee in the evenings.


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