Mumbai (Maharashtra), Jun 09 (ANI): World’s celebrated chef Anthony Bourdain was filming an episode of his CNN series ‘Parts Unknown’ near Strasbourg in France when he died. Authorities have confirmed his death at Le Chambard luxury hotel in Kaysersberg and reportedly there was no foul play in his death. Reacting to his sudden death, India’s popular chef Sanjeev Kapoor said, “It’s very sad that Anthony Bourdain took this extreme step. He is a fantastic guy and I cannot imagine that this is what has happened to him. He was at a shoot and Eric found him. I would have thought that Anthony would be free from all these things because of the people around him. For the culinary world it is a big loss. There are so many people that he has inspired and so many chefs all across the world, and we would see him and get inspired. It is truly a sad day.”
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