New Delhi, Oct 30 (ANI): With winters just around the corner, mothers often find themselves stressed about their child not being able to adapt to the changing weather and at the same time fighting winter illnesses like cold and seasonal flu. The common adage that one hears often is that the ‘greatest wealth is health’, but ironically, we ignore this wealth of ours. For generations now, mothers have been chasing their children to eat wholesome meals. Most mothers with kids between 4 -12 years of age keep laying emphasis on intake of nutritious food. They are under constant pressure to ensure that their children develop healthy eating habits in order to build an immune system which resists infections spread in the environment. In today's time, there are challenges in building a healthy immune system in growing children. This has also been due to environmental factors, intake of junk food, kids not venturing outdoors as much as they used to earlier.
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