New Delhi, Nov 04 (ANI): India is ranked 12th worldwide when it comes to the dangers associated with surfing the web, according to a recent report by global cybersecurity company, Kaspersky Lab. In the third quarter (July- September), 32.8 per cent of the users were attacked by web-borne threats in India. Kaspersky Lab products detected 48,093,743 Internet-borne malware incidents on the computers of KSN participants in India. Under exploiting vulnerabilities in browsers and their plugins (drive-by download), the infection took place when visiting an infected website, without any intervention from the user and without their knowledge. This is apparently the number one method utilized by cybercriminals, the one used in the majority of attacks. ‘Social engineering’ is another form of attack, which requires user participation, with the user having to download the malicious file to their computer. In the period July-September 2018, Kaspersky Lab products detected 68,405,291 local malware incidents on the computers of KSN participants in India. Overall, 56.1 per cent of users in India were attacked by local threats during this period. This puts us in the 53rd place worldwide.
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