Upavistha konasana is a seated forward bend that requires flexibility. The term comes from the Sanskrit upavistha, meaning 'seated' or 'sitting,' kona, meaning 'angle,' and asana, meaning 'pose' or 'posture.'
From a seated position, the legs are spread wide and the upper body folds forward. Upavistha Konasana is good preparation for most of the seated forward bends, twists, and the wide-leg standing poses.

How To:

Starting from cross legged position, move your legs wide apart, back as straight as you can, feet slightly flexed.
You can take your hands behind your back to slightly lengthen your spine and rest your legs comfortably on the mat.
Begin with your palms in front of you, bending from the hip by slightly tilting your pelvis, slowly try to bring your palms down.
Bend elbows down as much as you can to bring your chest forwards and down towards the floor.
Check with your body as to how you feel and slowly stretch forward if comfortable
Always remember that each one’s body is different. It's not important how far you go down but how comfortable your stretch.
So if you feel this is giving you a good enough stretch for your hamstrings and hip, you can stay right here.
But if you feel your body allows you to go a bit further, you can reach as far down as you can
If you are here all the way down with your arms stretched out, try to lift your head up and bring your chest and chin down with your thigh being pushed back and down.
Stay in the pose with normal breathing. Try to breathe in to those areas where you feel the stretch.
To come out of the pose, press the palms in to the floor and walk them back using your chest to lift up.


Stretches and opens the hip area, hamstring muscles.
It helps pregnant women to facilitate the opening of the hips in preparation for childbirth
Stretches and tones the adductors / inner thigh muscles
Increases blood circulation to the pelvis, abdominal area and the lower back
Strengthens the spine as it expands the lower part of the muscle near the sacrum.
Relieves sciatic pain
Activates and tones the kidneys and maintains a healthy Urinary system
Helps to relieve abdominal pain associated with menstrual cramps as it massages the reproductive organs and pelvic muscles.


Do not practice this asana
If you have a pull or tear in your groin or hamstring
If you are pregnant. There is a modified version of this pose with bolsters.
Have an injury in the lower back, or a herniated disk.
Do not do this pose if have any injury of the hips or the lower back.
If you have herniated disk should consult a doctor before attempting this pose.
If there is injury in the back, hip, knees and the hamstrings.
If have a weak or suffering from sacroiliac joint pain.
Use folded blanket for sitting if you are facing mild lower back pain during the pose.

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