The Supta Matsyendrasana, also called the Supine Twist, the Reclining Twist, the Reclining Lord Of The Fish Pose, and the Jathara Parivartanasana, is a restorative beginner’s pose. It is said to relax the mind and the body.

How To:

Lie on your back with arms stretched out at shoulder level.
Bend right knee and cross it outside of the left leg close to the left knee.
Use the left hand to put slight pressure on the bent knee to push down towards the floor.
If the knee is not touching the floor its ok, try to focus on your twist and stay comfortable.
Try to keep both shoulders squared and rooted to the floor. Extend the right hand and gaze towards the right hand.
If right shoulder is off the floor, it's no problem. Just try and aware if it, keep pressing it towards the floor and keep breathing in to the twist.
Stay on 30 seconds or more. Slowly bring your knee back to stretch out your legs.
We repeat the same on the other side.
Now bend your left knee to twist to the right side.
Use your right hand to press the knee down
Press your left shoulder towards the floor. breathe in to your spine and feel the twist.
Stay on for 30 seconds and slowly come back to rest on your back with legs stretched out.

Why To:

It helps relieve the stiffness or pain in your spine, hips, lower back.
It gives a nice stretch to your shoulders, chest, spine, hips, lower and upper back.
It's very therapeutic and releases stress and anxiety.
It ensures your spine and vertebrae get enough movement and, therefore, become more flexible.
It massages the abdominal organs and strengthens the abdominal muscles. As a result, this pose tones the waistline and also helps to remove toxins.
This twist also encourages the flow of fresh blood to your digestive organs, increasing the health and function of your entire digestive system.
It particularly feels good after practicing backbends, such as Urdhva Dhanurasana and Ustrasana.


Avoid practicing this asana if you have neck, knee, back or hip Injury
If you are pregnant, practice this asana only under the guidance of an expert. You also might be comfortable practicing this asana bolsters below the knee while twisting the hips and before placing the knee on the floor. This would ensure the fetus is not pressed too much.
Be careful if you have any internal organ issue.

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