Reclined Bound Angle Pose, also known as Reclined Cobbler’s Pose, is a deeply relaxing yoga position that is recommended for students of all levels. This pose instills a sense of deep relaxation. It is not only a restorative posture but also a hip opening asana. It is a basic pose, which just about anyone can try their hand at. This asana is also called the Reclined Cobbler’s Pose or the Reclined Goddess Pose.


1. Lie straight and flat on the ground
2. Bend your knees to bring the soles (bottoms) of your feet together to touch.
3. Relax your shoulders away from your ears
4. Stay in the pose for up to a minute, breathing deeply and slowly.


Lowered blood pressure
A decreased heart rate
Decreased muscle tension
Relief from fatigue and insomnia
Reduced nervous tension and stress

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