Sarvangasana or shoulder stand is a yoga pose wherein the whole body is balanced on the shoulders. Sarvangasana influences the functioning of all parts of your body. This asana is highly beneficial in maintaining the mental and physical health and is also referred as ‘Queen of asanas’. In addition to stimulating the thyroid gland, this pose also relieves stress and depression, improves digestion, opens the shoulders and neck, and strengthens your legs, butt, arms, and abs.

How to:

1. Start by laying down on a yoga mat and bend your legs at the knees.
2. Pull your legs closer to your upper body and then lift them upwards.
3. Slowly lift your upper body off the ground.
4. Push your hips upwards so your entire body is aligned in a straight line and form a 90-degree angle with the floor.
5. Hold this posture for a few deep breaths.
6. Fold your legs and carefully lower your body back to the ground.
7. Finally, Stretch your legs out and relax.

Why to:

1. It helps calm the brain, cures mild depression, and relieves stress.
2. It helps stimulate the prostate glands, the thyroid glands, and the abdominal organs.
3. The neck and shoulders get a good stretch.
4. The buttocks and legs get toned.
5. Digestion is improved, and metabolism is regulated.
6. This asana relieves the symptoms of menopause.
7. Fatigue and insomnia are reduced.
8. This asana helps cure sinusitis, asthma, and infertility.


Avoid practising this asana if you are suffering from diarrhoea, headaches or any neck injury. Do not practice this asana if you are a patient with high blood pressure. Also, do not practice this yoga asana during menstruation. If you have mastered this pose, you can continue to practice it until late into your pregnancy. However, you should not begin practising the Sarvangasana after you have become pregnant. Since this is a complex asana, it is best if it is practised under the supervision of an expert.

Best time:

This asana must be practised either first thing in the morning or at least four to six hours after a meal. The stomach and bowels must be empty when you practice this asana. The food ingested must be digested so that there is enough energy to expend during the practice.

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