Sthiti: Tadasana
With inhalation spread the legs apart by about a meter by moving the right leg away from the left. Balance the body weight equally on your feet.
Raise your arms bringing them up to shoulder level, palms facing downward.
Turn from the waist towards your left side at 90 degrees without moving your feet.
With exhalation, take the right hand down to the ground on the outside of the left foot, with the left arm raised up to vertical position.Turn the face up and gaze at the left finger tips, breath normally, minimum of 5 breaths up to 15 breaths.
Slowly come up with inhalation with arms parallel to the ground
Turn forward from the waist, balancing your body weight on both your feet. Bring the arms down.
Take the right foot back next to the left foot coming back to sthiti. Repeat the same with other side.

Good for digestive disorders.
Useful in treating diabetes.
Improves kidney function
Helps strengthen thigh muscles and relaxes stiffness in torso muscles.

Those with heart problems, hypertension and spinal problems should avoid.

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