New Delhi, Nov 03 (ANI): For Nicole Kidman, winning two Emmys awards were “much bigger” than winning an Oscar for Best Actress in 2003. In an interview at 'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert', Kidman said, “I was so glad to win the two Emmys, because I have [two] daughters. It was amazing to take home two and go, “You get one each.”She added, “When I won my Oscar, I was not in a great place in my life. I didn't have a partner to share it with. I was alone. I sort of ordered some room service, and that was it.” The actress also recalled that her Emmy win was a completely different experience. She said, “I was flailing, emotionally and personally. So, to win an Emmy and be in love and have my family. It's amazing. There's something incredible about going home and going, 'Baby! We did it!' And that's what we did.”The 50-year-old actress won two-Emmys in September for HBO mini-series 'Big Little Lies' and won her Oscar for Best Actress in 2003.
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