New Delhi, Aug 13 (ANI): Be it during a drinking session or after, pizza and other unhealthy foods are definitely the best accompaniments ever. But, have you ever wondered why? "Given the obesity epidemic and the rates of alcohol consumption on college campuses, we need to be aware of not only the negative effect of alcohol consumption, but also the impact it has on what people are eating while they are drinking," says study. The inspiration for the study came from an advertisement. Consider, for example, that an average beer contains 150 calories. If a person drinks five beers, that's 750 calories, or a third of their daily energy intake. Add two slices of pizza or a burrito to that at the end of the night, and it's a recipe for weight gain. Researchers found that drinking influenced study participants' dietary behaviours before going to bed. Specifically, they were more likely to opt for salty snack foods and pizza. Healthy foods, such as dark green vegetables and other veggies they would ordinarily eat, weren't as appealing.
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