New Delhi, Oct 04 (ANI): What could be the most unique place to keep the golden statuette in your home? It seems Kate Winslet has an appropriate answer to that. According to, the 41-year-old actress has revealed that she keeps her Oscar trophy in her "loo" to allow people the chance to have some alone time with the special gong. During an interview, the 'Mountains Between Us' star said, "That's the reason for it being in the toilet. I wanted to give people an opportunity to have that moment." The actress also shared that she got the idea from Oscar winner Emma Thompson, who placed her trophy at the back of the loo. "I remember when I went to Emma Thompson's house when I was much younger and didn't have an Oscar. Her Oscar was on the back of the loo and I picked it up and then years later I was giving my own speech. I couldn't believe it. Never give up on your dreams," noted Winslet. Helmed by Oscar-nominated filmmaker Hany Abu-Assad, Kate’s upcoming film 'The Mountain Between Us' is based on the novel of the same name by Charles Martin. The movie is slated for a release on October 20th in the US.
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