New Delhi, Sep 20 (ANI): Seems like Hollywood heartthrob Benedict Cumberbatch doesn't like to get his work affected because of his fans. As per Mirror report, Cumberbatch has whined about fans asking him to pose for photos while he is working. While talking about his new series, ‘The Child in Time', the ‘Sherlock’ actor said, “We had to shoot the supermarket scene early in the morning. We started at 6.30am. It was very difficult for me and running out into a busy street and people going 'Can I have a selfie?'. It was hard." He added, “That was difficult. I was like not now – go away. Please go away." The 41-year-old actor also shared that when they filmed along an Embankment in London it was “like street theatre – it got pretty weird”. Benedict said, “It was like Oh the Thames and then 500 f***ing people’. That is odd. It is part of the gig I suppose.” Well, all Benedict Cumberbatch fans, don’t ask him for a selfie while he is working.
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