New Delhi, Jan 15 (ANI): Thinking of gifting yourself a gizmo gift this year? If the gift is a laptop or a personal computer (excluding gaming/ business ones) than here's what you can expect in 2018. Updated Windows 10, New feature reportedly include a Timeline feature which allows user to keep a record of things they are working on and Sets feature which helps a user to create group of apps for various work-related tasks Intel 8th Generation Core, The laptops or PCs loaded with Intel's 8th Generation "Kaby Lake Refresh" chips will perform routine tasks faster. Intel processors loaded with AMD Graphics, Recent announcement of Intel joining hands with AMD comes as good news for customers as Intel processors loaded with AMD GPU will deliver better graphics performance. Qualcomm powered laptops, It is expected that Qualcomm's Snapdragon-powered laptops will hit the market in 2018 as last year Qualcomm and Microsoft came together to announce the first Windows 10 devices with ARM-based processors. A better battery life and smartphone like features can be expected by it. Mac to get iOS applications, Apple is expected to make it easier for developers to build apps that run on both mobile and desktop. But this news will be clear in June when Apple holds its Worldwide Developer Conference. Always Connected PCs, An Always Connected PC comes with built-in cellular connectivity. In other words, if the user doesn't have a Wi-Fi connection readily available, user will still be able to connect to a network.
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