New Delhi, Nov 10 (ANI): Most of us know how irresistible it becomes to control hunger after a rigorous workout session. The painstaking exercises often leave us roaming around the kitchen, trying to fight off an insatiable hunger. Often we end up indulging in binge-eating to satisfy the craving. Here are some tricks that would help you to stop from under-doing all your hard work: Keep yourself hydrated. Hydrate yourself before, during and after a workout session to avoid misdiagnosed hunger. Be mindful of duration. To prevent overeating, plan your post-workout meal or snack before working up a sweat. Fear hunger. Eating something, such as a fruit, keeps you boosted throughout the workout. Be wary of weights and water. Weightlifting and water sports can be real hunger-driving culprits. Log your workouts and meals. Keep a tally of how many calories you are burning during a workout session.
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