Graying hair, caused by old age and stress, is basically unavoidable. As we grow older, the activity of pigment cells slows down, leading to a drop in melanin in our hair. With less pigment being received by our hair, the cuticles then start to deteriorate and turn gray.

Here are top 10 best foods you should include in your diet to prevent premature gray hair.

High in zinc and copper, which promote scalp health and stimulate melanin production.

High in vitamin C and E, these antioxidants encourage blood circulation to your scalp, thus improving scalp health.

Curry leaves
Help maintain the color of hair and also help in making the hair stronger.

Rich in vitamin B12, copper, iodine and zinc. These compounds helps prevent premature graying of hair.

Packed with vitamin B9, will increase collagen in hair follicles, thus contributing to a healthier mane.

High levels of copper which boost melanin production.

Sesame Seeds
Rich in antioxidants that neutralise the aging effect of free radicals on our hair.

Contains copper which helps in the melanin production in hair.

Rich in iodine, which is very important in preventing graying of hair.

Indian Gooseberry
Rich in Vitamin C, it is very good in preventing the premature graying of hair.

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