The genuine cause of oily skin depends on one's genetic make up. There are several ways to tackle this problem. Eating right is one of them. Our diet plays a significant role in taking care of our skin.

Here are top 10 best foods you should add in your diet if you are a oily skin person.

96 % of water, has the power to hydrate the skin with its cooling effect along with the antioxidants.

Contains omega 3 fatty acids that are meant to cure the problem of oily skin instantly.

Excellent source of vitamin D and potassium, acts as an amazing detoxifier.

Rich in fiber, helps to clear your skin and regulate oil production.

Contains vitamin C as well as detoxifying components that can flush out the extra oil from your skin.

Whole Grains
High in fiber which helps the digestion process and keeps our skin free from oil and acne.

Contains fatty acids that are extremely healthy for the skin.

Have lots of vitamin C, helps in controlling the oil, which reduces the risk of acne.

Coconut Water
Helps in keeping the skin clean and supple and prevents oily outbursts.

Dark Chocolate
Rich in flavonols which are antioxidants that prevent skin damage by blocking skin inflammation.

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