New Delhi, July 1 (ANI): Euphoria’s new single ‘Halla Bol’ has created huge buzz over social media, making it one of the most trending topics of the week. But the trending was not just for the good reasons. The front man of the band, Palash Sen, has portrayed some influential people from the entertainment industry, politics and media, which has dragged the band into controversies. Calling the controversy positive for the song, the singer told ANI that the idea was not to demean these figures but to make people realise that they are making icons out of people who don’t deserve that stature. The singer was also trolled by twitterati for being a ‘Modi Bhakt’ because of his tweet to Prime Minister Narendra Modi right after the song launch. People also claimed that he didn’t enact PM Modi in the song which explains his ‘Bhakti’ towards him. But Palash had an answer for them too. He added one should not completely believe what is said over such platforms because most of the times it is planted.
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