New Delhi, May 30 (ANI): Almost after sixteen days of agitation and protest, the Central government has finally slashed the fuel prices a bit. In Delhi, the petrol prices have went down by 60 paise while in Mumbai, the cost has been reduced by 59 paise. The diesel prices in Delhi have been reduced by 56 paise and in Mumbai by 59 paise. After this reduction, petrol price in Delhi came down to Rs 77.83 per litre, Mumbai stands at Rs. 85.65 per litre; Kolkata at Rs. 80.47 per litre and in Chennai petrol costs Rs. 80.80 per litre.Diesel prices in Delhi have been reduced to Rs. 68.75 per litre, Rs. 73.20 in Mumbai, Rs. 71.30 in Kolkata and a litre of petrol now costs Rs. 72.58 in Chennai.
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