The hot button issue of race continues to swirl around this years upcoming Oscar broadcast as Jada Pinkett-Smith has called for a boycott of the ceremony because of the ‘surprising lack of nominations for artists of color’. Pinkett-Smith’s husband, Will Smith, generated Oscar buzz for his role in the drama ‘Concussion’, but did not receive a nomination. Director Spike Lee, who was awarded the Governors Award, said he would not attend the ceremony out of protest, but has not asked broader boycott of the telecast. Oscar host Chris Rock has not spoken publicly about the boycott & Academy Award winner Whoopi Goldberg has come out against it.

Jamie Foxx played real-life hero as he helped pull a man out of a burning car that had crashed near his home. The ‘Ray’ star told reporters ‘I don't look at it as heroic. I just look at it as … you just had to do something.’

British celebs came out to see the latest from Cirque du Soleil as their new show ‘Amaluna’ premiered. Stars attending included Naomie Harris, Maise Williams, Lily Cole, Noomi Rapace & Rod Stewart.

And as award season continues to march towards the Oscars, the drama ‘Carol’ sweeps the Gay & Lesbian Entertainment Critics Awards and ‘Brooklyn’ & ‘Room’ picked up nods for the Canadian Screen Awards.

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