New Delhi/Mumbai, Sep 06 (ANI): Fuel prices once again witnessed a hike on Thursday, with petrol being sold at Rs.79.51 per litre and diesel at Rs.71.55 per litre here in the national capital. The price of petrol has been increased by 20 paise per litre, while diesel saw a hike of 21 paise per litre, as compared to Tuesday’s prices in New Delhi. In Mumbai, the price of petrol has surpassed the Rs. 86 mark to be sold at Rs.86.91 per litre, while diesel is being retailed at Rs.75.96 per litre. Fuel prices across four major cities remained steady on Wednesday, after recording an increase for ten consecutive days. While petrol prices were selling at an unchanged price of Rs 79.31 per litre yesterday, the same was retailing at Rs. 86.72 in Mumbai, Rs. 82.41 in Chennai and Rs. 82.22 in Kolkata.
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