Eli is full of scenes that go on forever – and for no reason. Supposed to be a comical thriller, with Vadivelu in the lead, eli could have become a sensation, if the plot is well narrated with sensible comedy or atleast the usual vadivelu type slap sticks, but the director let us down with long scenes with flat dialogues, which test our patience instead. For hardcore vadivelu fans, ELI is a big let down, because it does not give us the vadivelu we expect… though the actor tried to do some stunts in this film, he has got no place to prove his acting skills. And the comedies in the film are… very dissapointing. its high time he chooses the right films or else, this highly talented entertainer, who is making us laugh even now with his old films might end up being an old charm. Among the few positive aspects of the film, Art Director Thotta Tharani's set works are to be appretiated. Sada comes for few scenes and songs. Vadivelu's side kicks are close to pathetic. Eli's dragging length and flat comedies make its box office success, highly improbable. stay tuned for more film reviews, hot and happening news and more from ebuzz, your favourite infotainment portal.
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