Mumbai (Maharashtra), Jun 09 (ANI): Bollywood actress Kajol is known for not mincing her words. The actress, who was last seen in ‘VIP 2’ opposite Dhanush, has lent her voice for the character of Elastigirl in ‘Incredibles 2’. Talking about her work life, she had no qualms in confessing that she hates dubbing even if it is for her own voice. “The process of dubbing is very normal, even I don’t like to dub my own voice. It is one of the most painful, boring processes ever! Especially when you are dubbing for yourself it is bad enough, but when you are dubbing for someone else it is twice as worse. But the point is the whole idea of dubbing for Elastigirl, that was what was so exciting about it,” said Kajol. “I am actually a big fan of superwoman, superpowers generally. So when I got the offer to dub for Elastigirl I was most excited. I was like so what if I can’t actually get those superpowers I can dub for somebody who has those superpowers. I wanted to do it. But I have to say it, dubbing is not the same as actually doing it,” she added. ‘Incredibles 2’ will be releasing on June 22.
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