New Delhi, Nov 10 (ANI): With increasing E-Commerce demand worldwide, technology advancement is shaping up the future of logistics in China. To meet it’s never ending demands, Chinese E-Commerce giant Alibaba is all set to test drones for logistics in its upcoming famous singles day on Saturday. Alibaba will be using the drones’ amidst 5 billion parcels zipping across the country in 24 hours on singles day. Lately, Drones have been in high demand in China for the suppliers which are expected to affect human jobs in China. The retailers in China are investing in drones and they are hoping to overcome obstacles such as deliveries in rural parts of the country and last mile connectivity.
Not only drones, but big manufacturers in China are employing robots instead of humans for the accuracy and efficiency. These are the new faces of the country's delivery trade as shoppers get ready for the day that blows all other retail days out of the water.
American E-Commerce giant, Amazon is also carrying out drone deliveries in the U.S. presently. Experts have claimed that with China’s faster growth of development, China will leapfrog the US.
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