Mumbai (Maharashtra), Jun 30 (ANI): With releases like 'Sanju', 'Dangal', and many more earlier, biopic in Bollywood has become the latest trend in Hindi Film Industry, be it based on a celebrated person, or a father living in a small town in Haryana. Recently Bollywood actress Kajol was honoured at a recent award show. When she was asked about if she had any interest in seeing her own biopic being made, the actress said, "NO. I don't want any biopic on me. I think I am living my own biopic."While talking about her earlier work she said, "Sometimes I do believe that maybe I have done something good in life, and my choices were definitely the correct one. Some times when you look back to do realize, oh I should have done this or I should have done that, but I don't have any regrets, neither do I believe that I would have done something differently if I could have."
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