New Delhi, Mar 22 (ANI): The recent concerns over Cambridge Analytica gaining access to private information of scores of Facebook users have lead to many individuals choosing to delete their accounts on Facebook. However, reports have suggested that even though the account is deleted, the social media giant and apps affiliated with it may still have access to personal data. Following this, there have been reports that an increasing number of users are looking to delete their accounts to safeguard their personal information from being misused. However, media reports have suggested that even if a user deleted his/her Facebook account, the company may still have access to private data. According to Facebook, any app a user log into will gain access to the user's gender, networks, username, user ID, full name, profile picture, complete friends list and any other public information on the profile. However, users who want to know what apps have their data can tap the drop-down menu on the top-right side of Facebook's desktop or mobile version and select "Settings." In the "Apps" option, on the left side of the page on desktop, and on the Settings tab of the mobile app, information is available regarding all the apps that have access to the aforementioned data. Therefore, the user can choose the app he/she wishes to delete by selecting it and tapping the "X" button in the right corner.
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