DIY crafts have been on a steady rise over the years with people opting for these crafts, be it for passing time, making things for themselves that they can’t afford, to give their décors a personal touch or simply because the craft is their passion. It is a hassle-free way to spend your free time that is neither harmful to you nor wasteful.

QUILLED JHUMKAS | Quilling | DIY Jewellery
Accessories are always our first love, regardless of whether we be a girl or a boy. It wouldn’t be unusual to find a girls treasure chest filled with different earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Likewise, it wouldn’t be a surprise to find a guy’s drawers filled with bracelets, chains or watches. Yet, these days, with the rapidly rising prices, it is common for many to abandon their passion and love for these little things. So, how to save money but also hold on to your love? Simple! Make them yourselves. So, here is a short and simple tutorial on how to make a pair of Quilled Jhumkas.

Quilling strips
Slotted quilling tool
Quilling mould
Fabric glue
Mod podge
Paint brush
Jump rings
Punching machine
Cutting Plier
Round nose plier

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1. Take a quilling strip and tear it into a half.
2. Now, start rolling the strip using a slotted quilling tool by inserting the end of the paper into the slot and then rolling the tool using your hands while holding the paper so it rolls around the tool.
3. At the other end, apply some glue and stick a different coloured quilling paper on it and continue rolling. Stick two more strips of the same colour together and continue rolling.
4. At the end, again, stick another strip of quilling paper of the first colour and continue rolling. Apply glue at the end of this strip and stick it in place.
5. Now, use a quilling mould and place the rolled up quilling strip on top of the mould of the proper size, gently press down until it gets the desired shape.
6. Apply some fabric glue on the inside of the shaped quilling strip and spread it evenly. Let it dry.
7. Now, apply some mod podge on the outside of the dome-shaped quilling paper using a paint brush and let it dry too.
8. Now, make holes at the bottom ring of the dome shape using a punching machine.
9. Open up a jump ring using a plier and insert a bead into the jump ring. Insert the jump ring into the hole in the dome shape and tighten it as shown. Do the same until there are beaded rings in every hole at the bottom of the dome.
10. Insert the headpin into the hole at the top centre of the dome from inside the dome and insert a bead into the pin.
11. Cut off the headpin into half using a cutting plier and then bend the headpin halfway using a round nose plier as shown.
12. Insert a hook into the bent headpin and bend it the rest of the way and tighten it using the pliers.
13. Make another same Jhumki.
14. Voila! Your quilled Jhumka’s are ready to be worn.

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