Decors have become a necessity in every house these days. Not only to decorate their walls but also to maintain prestige among the society. And of course, the insanely high prices these days are becoming a hindrance to buying these basic things that we wish to décor our house with. Maybe this is why people created the art of DIY, making their own decors, jewellery, clothes, gifts, cards, even soaps and shampoos! Today, let us show you how to make an easy décor!

Lamp shades are also as much of a necessity, as any décor item! Not just to lessen the brightness of the lamps, but also as a décor themselves. And, of course, these pretty inventions aren’t exactly cheap to buy. That is why we also have several tutorials on DIY lamps. Some, really time-consuming that can take days to make, while others, so crazily simple and easy that it can be made in minutes. Today, we show you one such DIY lamp shade that can be made in minutes.

Handmade paper

Buy scissors –

1. Cut the handmade paper into a strip of size 32 inches by 3 inches.
2. Mark a line at a ¼ inch from the top.
3. Then, divide the paper into four parts of 8 inches either by drawing lines.
4. Fold the paper along the 8-inch lines and the ¼ inch line and crease well.
5. Apply some glue on the ¼ inch strip and paste it on the other end of the paper as shown.
6. Cut small slits on both sides 2 inches from the bottom and top and two inches from the centre crease towards the top & bottom as shown.
7. Make four more of these, another in the same colour and three in some other colour.
8. Now, position one into a square shape and position the other of a different colour and fix it into the first one by inserting it through the slits.
9. Similarly, fit all the five pieces together.
10. Fold the alternate strips formed by the slits at the bottom as shown.
11. Voila! Your lamp share is ready for use!

You can also use a really thick chart or craft paper to make the lamp shade.
You can use five completely different colour if you wish to.
You can draw patterns or write messages on the lamp shade too.

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