Origami is an art of patience. Yet, it is one of that art which has been growing crazily popular over the years. And, of course, the variety of things that can be made through origami has been on the rise too. Animals, Birds, Flowers, Leaves, even dresses. We have before released tutorial videos for different origami flowers. Combining the art of Origami and crafting, today we have another origami flower which is easy to make and pretty to look at.

Craft Paper
Hot glue gun

Buy hot glue gun –
Buy craft paper –
Buy scissors –

1. Take a print out of the template and cut out the petals using a scissor.
2. Hold all the petals together and make a small slit at the bottom in the center as shown.
3. Use a pencil to curl the top of the petals inwards. Now, turn the paper around.
4. Apply some glue at the bottom and paste the slit paper together as shown.
5. Take a small circular piece of cardboard.
6. Using a hot glue gun, paste the petals on the outer corner of cardboard as shown.
7. Paste the smaller petals on the inside forming another layer of petals.
8. Take a strip of paper of the same color and fold it in half along the longer side.
9. Now, make slits along one side (the one where the two corners meet) as shown. Make two such strips and paste the ends together so you have a long strip.
10. Now, using five stick, apply glue on the corner and roll the paper inwards. Apply glue to the end and paste it in place.
11. Now, gently pull the slit strips outwards as shown.
12. Paste this tassel in the middle of the flower as shown.
13. Voila! Your decorative flower is ready for use.

1. Make sure not to pull too strongly as the paper is prone to tear.
2. You may make a multi colored flower by printing the templates on two different colored papers.

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