10 Awkward Daily Moments

Every day life is full of awkward moments. Such as having to take the stairs because you don’t want to get in the lift...

10 Examples Of Kids Saying The Stupidest Things

Kids really are stupid. Mine can’t even drive itself to school. Well… we tried it once but I’m never doing that again. Here are...

8 Reasons It Sucks Being Single At Christmas

It’ll be lonely this Christmas… even Santa had a girlfriend…and he’s fat and old!! Here are 8 reasons it sucks being single at Christmas. Peoples...

Possible Reasons The Paddington Bear Movie Got A PG Rating

The Paddington Bear movie has received a PG rating, but what on earth does the bear get up to in order to warrant this...

When Lift Happens

We all have experienced this situation... Now lets forgive those guys and laugh a little bit :) Peoples are using these keywords: We be like that,...

har friend zaroori NAHI hota hai Mobile Qtiyapa

Visit us @ http://www.theviralfever.comLike us @ us @!/TheViralFeverCast: Himanshu Bhatnagar, Jitendra Kumar, Biswapati SarkarDOP: Ashay GangwarSound: Shivajee BiswanathEditor: Amit GolaniWritten & Directed...

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