New Delhi, Sep 06 (ANI): Oscar-winning actor Casey Affleck is all set to star in Joe Wright's adaptation of 'Stoner'. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Affleck is teaming up to adapt Stoner, the acclaimed 1965 novel by John Williams. Blumhouse Productions, Cohen Media Group (CMG) and Film4 are behind the feature project. Andrew Bovell, a playwright-turned-screenwriter who previously wrote Lantana and the Mel Gibson thriller 'Edge of Darkness', is writing the script. The story tells the story of a of William Stoner, a dirt-poor farmer turned academic, who emerges as an unlikely existential hero while making his way through the first half of the 20th century. On teaming with Affleck and Wright for the movie, producer Jason Blum, said, "Because the novel is so beautiful but not well-known, fans of Stoner feel like they're in a secret club. I'm so excited that Casey, Joe and Andrew have come aboard to help expand this club's membership."
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