New Delhi, Jan 31 (ANI): Apple has revised its app policy to put a stop on malicious app makers who charge you more than what you were expecting by hiding the actual terms in fine print. The revised App Store subscriptions policy now details all the steps the developers need to follow in order to clearly convey the terms of use to the users. According to the revised policy on the Apple website, developers need to make the subscriptions options clear, take only that information from the user which is necessary, fully describe the terms, clearly describe how free trials work, and so on. These steps are an effort towards smoother user experience and make signup process effortless. Many-a-times, unscrupulous developers do not clearly state if the billing will be done before or after the trial is over, resulting in long bills which users do not recall signing up for. Apple has also recommended developers allowing users to try their content before they subscribe so that they know what they are going to pay for.
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